General Thoughts About Abuse

General Thoughts On What Abuse Can Have on a Person
(Fruit for thought)

Any form of abuse on a young child in a family is really terrible.
Sexual abuse, mental, emotional and physical abuse is terrible.
The sad thing is that I didn’t know he came from that until later.

The signs were there.
Ever present in the family dynamics
In the dysfunctional way the family thinks and views the world.
Money, greed, control, fear, gossip, cruelty, mental illness….
A sense of thinking one knows what is right and wrong but in reality
what society deems "right" it is deemed wrong

Religion…. especially religions that spread hate, fear at their pulpits
cause harm as well.

Grief causes people to do and say things….
Instead of stepping up to the plate
the plate was picked up and smashed.

Don’t people see…. don’t people get it?

What is put out comes back

God sees all….

Don’t forget that those of you who go to church and feel they are better than those who don’t
or those who don’t go to the same church.

Those who have passed on don’t sleep in the grave with their decaying bodies
Their spirits are free and exist.
They hear, see and know everything that is said and done

Don’t think for one moment
that he does not see, hear, feel what you say and do

He is not a part of you
maybe genetically but as a soul a child of God he is not

Many can’t fathom that he came from were he came from

He was so different
His values, morals so different

He  was a gentle kind loving soul

Evident in the many friends he had

They saw and valued him while those who say they loved him and miss him and
think that he walks with them had not a clue.

Think what you will
Do what you will

I know different

Grief changes you
it changes how you see the world and those who say they are your friends

Death brings out a lot of evil….hate…anger….fear….
Death brings out love too

a sense of what is lost and what cannot be

Those who think they are right….go ahead and think that way
I can’t change you
nor do I want to take that on

God is you salvation

My beloved rests in peace

I know it
I believe it

I don’t care what you think
I don’t care about you
I don’t care
I don’t care
I don’t care

You are just a spec of dust on my radar
Nothing more

Sad people
Sad uneducated backwater people

Money rules in your lives
YOU have proven it many times

No respect

You don’t respect him now and you never did

He tried to live up to your expectations
how misplaced that is or was you have know idea

He wanted so much to be respected and successful
He was!
But not by your standards.

Look in your own backyards,
Look in your own closets before you look into mine or judge me!

About Spiritual Gal

Carolanne is Medium, an Angel Intuitive, Akashic Record Consultant, Integrated Energy Therapist, and Chakra/Crystal Alignment Therapist who works primarily with the angel realm, Ascended Masters and Lords of the Akashic Records with the intention of helping others on their spiritual path or guidance in any area of their lives. Carolanne is currently accepting clients who would like to experience this form of learning, remembering who their souls are and healing. Please check out her web page for further information about Akashic Record readings, IET healing, Angel Intuitive/Angel Card Readings.
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