What you think you become!


I found this Buddha picture on my tumblr feed the other day and thought it was relevant to what I have been working on for the past few months…ABUNDANCE. Attracting what I want into my life and how can I manifest it.

I created a manifest/vision board last week and infused it with Integrated Energy Therapy (IET).


I put a lot of thought and effort into my manifestation board and I have what one would say placed it at the footstool of the creator. Basically I let it go like one would a balloon to let it flow freely out into the ethers thinking positive that my vision alligns with my higher self/soul.

Getting back to the Buddha picture/quote(s) they resonate with me, for example: if you think negative everything around you will in some way be negative. Your energy attracts like a magnet anything to you which is on the same vibration as you. I am a very visual person, I can see how things can work out, how things can go great or go bad. I have found how I used this “gift” is so very important. If I decided to see things in a negative light usually that is what would happen. If I decided to visualize and follow through with that visualization to the end it can manifest to my advantage and be very powerful be it negative or positive.

I don’t know if I am making myself clear, all I know is it isn’t easy to fully integrate the above quotes into my daily life 100% of the time. Basically, my fears, self doubt, my ego (inner child), my spirit housed in human form gets in the way. This bugs me to know end because I know the above quotes are correct and I can manifest what I truly want but somewhere within me I am blocking the manifestion on some level.

What I am receiving from my higher self/guides whomever is this, continue to work on the inner voices that create the blockages, create the fear, create the doubts and lack of self confidence. Once you get that under control you are on your way to manifesting what you want. You plus billions of people on this planet are in the same boat. The word you are to say over and over to yourself is BELIEVE!

Believe in yourself, believe in your abilities, believe you can create whatever you want and make it manifest before you. Stop limiting yourself. If only you can see what we see. Trust in your self and your abilities to shine your light out into the world for all to see. Once you allow your light to shine it opens up all of your energy fields allowing growth, a sense of freedom to excel in who you really are …a co-creator of the universe. Wow!

About Spiritual Gal

Carolanne is Medium, an Angel Intuitive, Akashic Record Consultant, Integrated Energy Therapist, and Chakra/Crystal Alignment Therapist who works primarily with the angel realm, Ascended Masters and Lords of the Akashic Records with the intention of helping others on their spiritual path or guidance in any area of their lives. Carolanne is currently accepting clients who would like to experience this form of learning, remembering who their souls are and healing. Please check out her web page for further information about Akashic Record readings, IET healing, Angel Intuitive/Angel Card Readings. http://spiritualgalsplace.weebly.com spiritualgalsplace@cogeco.ca
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2 Responses to What you think you become!

  1. cearainjoy says:

    I recently read that the more you give, the more you are telling the universe that you live in abundance… which in turn creates more abundance within your life. Lovely vision board 🙂


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