Anything that hurts you can teach you…

Anything that hurts you…

This picture with the quote “Anything that hurts you can teach you, and if it keeps hurting you, its because you haven’t learned the lesson” came up on my Facebook mermory time line this morning from 2 years ago. As I reread it I thought hmm, interesting, how true. I immediately began the thought process, going down my memory lane to which certain “hurts” popped up. This happened in a flash, I didn’t have to sit there and think it over…which is a good thing. There are residual hurts on the outskirts of my energy fields ready to be released. 

Over the past year I have been working on my spiritual self. From my own guidance and from learning, my spiritual self needs to be healed, nurtured, fed, and listened to. If not everything my higher self (soul) is trying to accomplish cannot filter down to the physical which causes dis-ease of mind, body and spirit. Hence the quote –  “Anything that hurts you can teach you, and if it keeps hurting you, its because you haven’t learned the lesson.”  Over the past year or so I have reaffirmed my spirituality-listening to my inner truth (guidance). Releasing and walking away from toxic friendships and situations that clogs up my energy fields and my truth – who I am and what I am here to do. I studied the Akashic Records, continue to work with the Angels/Archangels and Ascended Masters as well as energy healing (chakras, Integrated Energy Therapy). In doing so I could not help but move through “stuff” I had accumulated over many lifetimes. I must also say I had some great assistance with a life coach who showed me another technique to release my pain, sadness and anger of past hurts. Thank you Cora!

If the hurt keeps hurting you, its because you haven’t learned the lesson relates to you and you find that you traveling there a lot please take the time to go within and reflect on it. This process isn’t easy, love yourself and be easy on yourself. The “hurt” is there for a reason, allow it to show you or tell you why. Step outside yourself if you are able and look at it from all sides. If you can’t do this yet please talk with a good friend or a therapist to asssit in this process. 

There are numerous avenues to help move through the hurt to bring forth healing. 

For example, I have been guided to paint and draw. I majored in art at university and haven’t painted in years and after 6 months of “hell” I started to draw and then moved to painting in a matter of weeks. It was so healing for me. It was during last summer, I’d paint sitting on my top deck, outside enjoying nature and creating.  Also, I love to garden-yes gardening can be a huge job if you have lots of gardens, I find it so relaxing (most of the time), connecting to the earth, pulling out weeds -very symbolic-pulling out my frustrations, anger and stress. The beauty of gardening is the end results- beauty, wildlife and a special space. Another form of healing which helped me was to meditate – connect with Spirit, connect with my Stones and listen to soothing music. Nothing like this to ease the sadness, the pain. 

I guess what I am trying to say is find something you like to do that makes your heart sing, your soul rejoice – try it, embrace it. It will open up your energies so you can allow more love, light, energy into your spiritual, emotional, physical being. Trust me it works… I AM an example of this. Blessed Be.

About Spiritual Gal

Carolanne is Medium, an Angel Intuitive, Akashic Record Consultant, Integrated Energy Therapist, and Chakra/Crystal Alignment Therapist who works primarily with the angel realm, Ascended Masters and Lords of the Akashic Records with the intention of helping others on their spiritual path or guidance in any area of their lives. Carolanne is currently accepting clients who would like to experience this form of learning, remembering who their souls are and healing. Please check out her web page for further information about Akashic Record readings, IET healing, Angel Intuitive/Angel Card Readings.
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