My Twin Soul Reconnect

The recount of “My Twin Soul Reconnect” will be told in many blog entries. I will italicize passages channeled directly from my twin soul. All names have been changed to protect privacy. 


My twin soul and I want our story to be told in order to inspire others to strive for a higher and deeper love. To fully awaken to the wonderment of soul love which is beyond physical passion, physical desires, and emotions. This kind of soul love relationship lasts until the end of time. It is a bond a connection so sacred and cherished it is reverent. It exists on the higher spiritual planes and can be felt and experienced within the physical plane if you are open to it and ready to allow this sacred connection into your life. My twin soul from his vantage point protects and nurtures our relationship like a warrior he is resolute and strong.

I define twin souls as creations from energies or sparks split into two from the Creator. These halves are identical in energy and vibration and are complete on their own. They are thought to be masculine and feminine halves of the whole, and when they come back together they create something greater than just the two. Twin souls are never really separated and more of them have chosen to physically incarnate at the same time in order to serve the planet and to accelerate their spiritual growth and ultimate union.

Twin soul relationships focus mostly on growth, coming together for the service of others. There is a strong magnetic pull, the connection is felt on all levels and is stable and constant. There may be challenges in the relationship but these challenges are more about the “self” than the other.

Part 1

I have learned during the course of my life that everything happens for a reason. I may not know why at the time but during the course of my life these life events I reflect upon are during times of solace, meditation, and healing.

How I happened to reconnect with my twin soul came from a bit of heartache and deception I believe orchestrated prior to this lifetime. To clarify the reconnect with my twin soul I mean remembering who he is, and connecting with him while living separate lives on the physical plane. Further, both he and I are leading separate lives half a world apart, but one of us (me) is communicating with the other’s (his) higher self. I am aware of it, his physical self is not.

Apparently, as you will read further, it was planned for us to reconnect this way. I was to learn of his existence both spiritually and physically. He tells me it is all to do with my growth and letting go of the grief of my husband’s death. I am to remember who I am spiritually and what the two of us accomplish on other realms and nonchalantly he remarks, “just another part of the awakening and ascension process, are you ready?”

A spiritual relationship whether it is just friendship or romantic can be soul deep. The stronger the connection or relationship the deeper and intimate it becomes. Twin soul relationships are soul deep, they bring out this yearning to be one, to connect, to meld each other’s energies together into a sweet frenzy of love. It is difficult to describe the experience of connectedness of this soul melding. It uplifts you, it energizes you, you feel complete, your whole being on all levels exude a joy, a bliss, an exaltation. Once you have experienced this kind of spiritual relationship, you crave for that soul melding, that connection all the time and with someone on the physical plane.

Part 2

My spiritual reconnect with my twin soul came about through an online encounter with a scammer. This person used stolen images of my twin soul whom I will call “Jorge” to lure me into his web of deception. The images of the physical “Jorge” were for most women an attraction. He was handsome, solid and muscular, a nice smile, and stood proud and strong. He had in my opinion kind, knowing, soulful eyes, that held amusement and a zest for life, eyes one could see his soul with and this is where the reconnect began. It was like his soul jumped out of the screen and connected with mine. It was subtle in the beginning, meant to get my attention. (Note, I have had this experience before recognizing souls I have known in the past, sometimes I would get a jolt, a soft energy pull, or I just know. It is all in the eyes.)

During the five weeks of communicating with this scammer, I started to feel and sense a connection with “Jorge” in the photos, not so much with the scammer. I felt an energy connection, a soul connection and it kept growing stronger. My friend who is a Reiki Master could see a beautiful green, pink and gold energy cord flowing from my heart chakra to “Jorge” and it flows back to me. By-the-way, from the beginning of this online relationship, I was skeptical, my radar was up and was very leery, I even went as far as consulting my angel tarot cards enquiring if the man in the pictures was real and not scamming me. The cards always came up that he was an upstanding, caring, respectable man and it was a great match. I even consulted a few angel intuitives and it was suggested this was a great match etc. So what was going on here?

Looking back I realized I didn’t ask the right questions. I asked about the man in the photos.

I must back track here, earlier on in my “relationship” with “Jorge”, I printed a colour photo of him and placed it on my alter, on top of the photo I put a big rose quartz and encircled it with smoky quartz, amethyst, clear quartz and black tourmaline to keep “Jorge” safe and loved. (“Jorge” works in a dangerous occupation.)

The soul connection during the last two weeks of my online “scammer relationship” was becoming really strong, I began to feel “Jorge’s” presence, and could sense him near and hear his thoughts. At night while lying awake thinking, I could feel him come and lay down alongside me like he was embracing and holding me. Our energies blending, beginning at the sacral chakra to move up to the heart chakra. I could feel a slight breeze as he kissed my lips, I felt the warmth, I felt safe but most of all I felt loved.

Part 3 – The Fall Out

After a month, I finally had proof the person who was impersonating “Jorge” was a scammer, my emotional world turned upside down. I became angry, disillusioned, and sad. I woke up most mornings in a panic realizing what I thought was going to be a wonderful new stage in my life was, in fact, a big fat lie. In my rage, I deleted all of the pictures I had of “Jorge”. I deleted all conversations and connections with the scammer. I didn’t want a reminder of what I “thought” I had lost. Little did I realize my relationship with “Jorge” was not over and it really wasn’t a scam.

More to come…


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Interesting Reads and Resources

Twin Souls, eternal feminine, eternal masculine, the end of loneliness by Patricia Joundry and Maurice D. Pressman, M.D.

Perfect Love, find intimacy on the astral plane by D. J. Conway

Finding your soul mate by Michael

Soulmates, following inner guidance to the relationship of your dreams by Carolyn Godschild Miller

Heart magic: metaphysical stories about finding love and answers by Dick Sutphen

Only love is real: a story of soul mates reunited by Brian L. Weiss

Spiritual partnership: the journey to authentic power by Gary Zukav

Ascension and romantic relationships by Joshua David Stone



About Spiritual Gal

Carolanne is Medium, an Angel Intuitive, Akashic Record Consultant, Integrated Energy Therapist, and Chakra/Crystal Alignment Therapist who works primarily with the angel realm, Ascended Masters and Lords of the Akashic Records with the intention of helping others on their spiritual path or guidance in any area of their lives. Carolanne is currently accepting clients who would like to experience this form of learning, remembering who their souls are and healing. Please check out her web page for further information about Akashic Record readings, IET healing, Angel Intuitive/Angel Card Readings.
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3 Responses to My Twin Soul Reconnect

  1. Cathy says:

    Hi, Carolanne. This is very interesting reading. I am intrigued and want to read more. Thank you for the resource list – there are some interesting titles that I will check out. Looking forward to more!


  2. Pia Lebsund says:

    Very interesting reading. I had a similar experience but that man is alife and he is a soulmate not atwinflame. He is a womans man but we had a lot of reincarnations together. For about two year´s ago I met my twinflame in a deep meditation and he is not living. We have to different missions to do together to connect in this world. I am doing mine that is mothering,He told me this world need that energy more then ever and I understood why so many searching for this. Most of the mothering is for my son and helping kids in Autism. My twin soul balances ohther energies as the masculine and ying and yang in this world. His trong spirit living on a sacred place in the other side of the Ocean.For me more discussions came for 2 years ago.


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